This is where the journey begins

My pilgrimmage started a long time ago in my mind. This is the blog where it develops from dreams to reality. The planning is also part of the road.

My goal right now is to be financially free and free in time and space. With this freedoom I think I want to travel a bit. This new blog is about my journey to the goal and my journey in the world.

I think I have found a way to acheave my goal. I work on it now and the results are continously updated on TCM where I sell meditative education in Chinese medicine. At the moment almost nothing sold, but I really believe in this and I will make it work sooner or later.

With financially free I don’t mean that I need money to buy cadillacs and big houses. I mean that I can have a nice and easy livin’ while working with whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want.

This is my dream and goal.