Monetize Youtube

After watching Estas Tonne I was inspired to record myself playing guitar. I have also been thinking about making some travel videos for Youtube and monetize it while travelling. A fun way to earn some extra Money. So I start now with my guitar improvisation to set up the account and accumulate videos and to get used to recording myself. I also found out I need to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Elements to make nicer presentations. The visuals are so important to make a good and professional impression and to make people interested.

Some guy wanted to sell me 3D versions of my album art for the clickbank page, but I found some free Photoshop templates to download to make my own. A World of difference in the visual impression. Will upload to the webpages as soon as inspiration arrives.

Perhaps still some way to go until becoming a new Estas Tonne but it’s a start. Maybe I should bring a guitar to be a street musician? A nice way to earn some extra Money, to keep the rock’n’roll dream alive and on a suitable level and to have some extra fun. To have the pleasure of performing without the hassles and pressures of being a proffesional musician. To keep the freedom in time and space.

I don’t want commercials on the previews on my products, but that was easy to turn off on the relevant videos.


At the present moment I’m still waiting for authorization from Youtube and nothing has happened on clickbank, except the guy who wanted to sell his 3D Pictures. I guess some tweaking is in order, but what to do? I most definitely need some help with marketing!


Here is the difference of the album art. Wich one would you rather buy?

AMO_Front_600x600AMO 3D