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Monetize Youtube

After watching Estas Tonne I was inspired to record myself playing guitar. I have also been thinking about making some travel videos for Youtube and monetize it while travelling. A fun way to earn some extra Money. So I start now with my guitar improvisation to set up the account and accumulate videos and to […]


The clickbank account is now approved and up and running. It will be interesting to see what happens. Some tweaking? Some marketing?   Working on the Acupuncture Point Meducation. Progress is slow but steady.   Today I bought a really nice towel wich is light and small. I promised myself not to buy any gear […]


For financial freedom and freedom in time & space I need an automated income. A webshop that sells downloadable products is the perfect vehicle. My webshop is up and running (TCM meducation) but I need more products and more marketing. I’m making the Acupuncture Point Meducation, a great product that I really believe in. For […]

This is where the journey begins

My pilgrimmage started a long time ago in my mind. This is the blog where it develops from dreams to reality. The planning is also part of the road. My goal right now is to be financially free and free in time and space. With this freedoom I think I want to travel a bit. […]